Why I’m here

20 Apr

Months ago I realized that I am always attending events from parties to poetry readings, meet-ups to tweet-ups, underground Jewish scene to mainstream, and that it was time to create a public space where I can share these with the world.  As a typical Gemini, I tend to have my hands in many different projects and I run with many different circles.

It wasn’t until Saturday, February 13th at my friend Elke Reva Sudin’s art exhibition for her project Hipsters and Hassids that I knew I had to create this space, because I wanted to support my friend and share my love of her art with the world.

Below are some photos I took of her art the night of the exhibition.  You can view the full gallery here at her site.

Please forgive my looming shadow

Classic NY culture

Here are two of my favorites of the night and of her collection:

It was an excellent exhibition with live musical performances that I unfortunately cannot recall as it was over two months ago!  Lucky for you dear readers (all dozens of you – if I’m lucky) if you were not able to make it to Elke’s February exhibition, you can view her collection at Aish in New York’s Upper West Side.  Full details are below.  Please check back for more events and fun stuff

xoxo FF

The Aish Center
Gallery Opening

April 19th-May 24th

313 West 83rd St. btwn West End Ave. and Riverside
New York, NY


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