Kiss My Nails

2 May

A couple of months ago I got to test out some cool products when Influenster sent me a VoxBox.  Because I’m a nail polish/nail art addict, my favorite product in the VoxBox was a pretty obvious choice for me.  I was really excited to see that Kiss Nail Dress was one of the products I got to test.  The silver and black leopard print was a bit more flashy than what I would typically put on my nails, so I decided to use the nail dress on two accent nails, with a solid color on my other nails.  I used a reddish pink polish on my nails, and kept my ring fingers bare.  I picked two nail dresses that were best-suited for the size of my nails and followed the easy-to-use instructions.  I made sure to smooth the nail dress while applying to avoid creases.  I used the nail file that came in the box to file off the excess.  The whole process was incredibly easy, and the nail dress peeled right off when I took it off 5 days later.  To add shine, and with the hopes of making them last longer, I added a top coat on the nail dress a couple of days later.

I would definitely use the Kiss Nail Dress again.  With this design, I would probably paint my other nails a solid black or silver glitter while using the leopard as accent nails again.  For fun I would probably purchase the design below.  It’s like the caviar manicure, but without the drying time!

Kiss Nail Dress is available in 18 different styles, and is so affordable at only $6.99!  So go to your local drug store and get yourself a set!


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