Welcome back

14 Dec

I know I’ve been super quiet for a while, and that’s for many reasons. Mainly because I moved countries. Sadly I am no longer a Brooklyn resident. At the end of August I became a Tel Avivian. Well that’s the first time I’ve really put it out there so publicly…

What have I been doing with myself, you ask? I work, go to Ulpan (Hebrew classes), go to the beach when possible – oh, I should mention that in the middle of December I’m still walking around in jeans and a t-shirt – see my friends, and continue to search for culture in this city, which has been a challenge.

For some reason (I think because I work in an office now after 3 years of freelancing), I haven’t had the time or the inspiration to do much crazy nail art. My friends say they want to be my guinea pigs, but that hasn’t really happened. So unfortunately the craziest designs I’ve done since I landed are a couple of glitter gradient manicures. I still have some designs from when I was in New York that I’ve been meaning to post. Hopefully I’ll get around to it soon, and hopefully I’ll get into a habit of posting more in general.

Nail art here is not at all as popular as it is in the States and the UK. The styles that you’ll see on women’s nails are the same that you’d see on the subway in NY – airbrushed designs on acrylic nails; thick French manicures; some glitter and elaborate designs, but I’ve yet to see a tribal design or serious 3D nail art. Before I came to Tel Aviv I had the idea to do nail art on the side to make some extra money, but I haven’t spent any time advertising my skills by doing my own nails. I guess I’ve been stressed lately because my nails have been broken and bitten down to nubs. It’s a sad state of affairs, but I guess that’s to be expected when there were sirens going off daily because rockets were being fired at us. Yup, welcome to life in the Middle East, but thank G-d for cease fires!

I hope that I will post more nail art here, but I envision something else for this writing exercise. When you’re a person of a certain age, and your friends start to get married, have kids, or simply outgrow partying, life starts to get a bit…boring. So I’ve decided to carry on being how I was in New York and seek out cultural opportunities while solo. I don’t need friends to see a cool band or go to a story slam. Eff that. I’m an independent woman. So join me on my journey exploring this city. Today’s mission led me to cafe Florentina in the Florentine neighborhood of Tel Aviv. This hood is a little grimy in a way that feels like home to me. Picture Williamsburg but less pretentious. Stay tuned for more journeys! Oh, and if you’re a random visitor who found me looking for things to do in this city, visit DIY Tel Aviv for party listings and interesting happenings.

Shabbat shalom, homies!


2 Responses to “Welcome back”

  1. Anastasia Kidd January 16, 2013 at 8:21 am #

    I tried to keep an open mind as I read the CNN story, which declares that “nail art has emerged as a democratic form of self-expression in which anyone can participate.” Is a temporary service which, according to this article (and most of the nail salons I’ve been to) only starts at $30 really “relatively cheap?” And are there real women out there who delve into the wide world of nail art techniques — CNN describes “intricate floral patterns, glittery mosaics, 3-D motifs emblazoned with lace, gems, charms, foils and even magnets” — without fucking their digits up eventually? I love getting basic manicures, but I always manage to chip my nails right away, sometimes literally before I walk out of the salon. I can’t imagine putting time and energy into, say, a “glittery mosaic” and ruining it a few days later! Sure, you can teach yourself to be a nail art whiz, which would cut costs but take even more time, but then wouldn’t it be even more frustrating to mess it all up?

    • Farrah January 16, 2013 at 8:35 am #

      Well the thing is, I used to treat myself – usually on my birthday or when a friend was visiting from out of town – to a $50 manicure, which only included a basic mani (no gel polish or anything else) and then I would choose to do a few designs on maybe 3 fingers on each hand, using a combo of 3D nail art and other embellishments. When I spent the money I was über careful, and sometimes those manis would last over 2 weeks with the right upkeep (filling in chips myself, or using topcoat once a week). Since I usually paint my nails every four days or so, I don’t mind making a special design on a couple of nails. And if it’s a 3D design, like a bow, heart or cupcake, I’m able to reuse them after I paint my nails again. It’s fun for me, and I won’t do a design unless I know I have the time to let it dry so I don’t run the risk of a smudge or chip. My advice is to start with something easy – stripes or polka dots, or an accent nail with a basic manicure. Good luck if you try it out yourself!

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