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The Party of Parties

25 Dec

It’s a rare thing for me to find a party that seems to have everything I’ve been looking for: a cool venue, music I wanna shake my booty to, my friends are into it, and it’s not on a Friday night. So when my friend emailed me about Wednesday’s “Party of Parties” I was excited.

I’m not usually into the parties that cater to the Anglo community, and I’ll probably bump into a bunch of people I’ll try to avoid (sorry), but Terry Poison rocks my socks off, and I’m looking forward to hearing Monti Fiori live. I hope I’ll be there for Efrat Gosh‘s special appearance. This little lady is my girl crush, and it’s been too long since I’ve seen her perform.

So join me and the rest of the Anglos (and supposedly heads of political parties?) as we party on a Wednesday.

Free to RSVP at this link, 30 shekels to get in.